About Us

Criderweb was started by Rick and Tricia Crider in 1997 when their son was a football player at Tucker High School in Tucker, Georgia. Rick and Tricia saw that the sports program at Tucker High School had a need in the way of a dynamic presence on the web. They created Tucker Football and continued on adding new schools and sport programs, making a business out of what was just a small dream. 

Rick and Tricia's main focus was their committment to Criderweb and to the sport programs in which they assisted. Over time, there have been many different programs that Criderweb has offered that met the need of the day, but the one thing that has always remained is the committment to their clients and to the sports community. They decided early on that customer service was the key to making this business thrive. Still today with hundreds of clients who come to Criderweb for services, the main thing is the customer service that is provided. Having the ability to call up Rick in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning and having the issue solved and handled by someone who genuinely cares about that sport program makes all the difference.

Criderweb is proud of where it has come from and in spite of the loss of Tricia in 2008, Rick continues to press forward with the same committment and drive that this company was founded on. 

In the past few years, Rick's daughter Michele has joined him in helping this company move forward. There are hundreds of clients that have come to Criderweb for their unmatched service and their unwavering support of each sports program that entrust them with their presence on the web. It is the goal of Criderweb to move forward into the coming years, with new and inovative ideas to implement makeing each and every sport program that utilizes Criderweb even better.

Criderweb's vision to provide each sport program the tools necessary to effectivly and efficently bring in new revenue streams and to do so at an affordable cost. This vision has become a reality and it's what is the driving motivation along with unmatched customer support for each one of their clients.

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